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Civil officers, 1st series, 1669-1756 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0d06f86f-89e0-4478-9dad-96128afea5bf

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 1, 1669-1724

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Identifier: DGS 9066360
Dates: 1669-1724

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 2, 1725-1742

 Digital Record
Identifier: DGS 9066361
Dates: 1725-1742

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 3, 1742-1756

 Digital Record
Identifier: DGS9066361
Dates: 1742-1756

Civil officers, 2nd series, 1673-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: cbab2216-a5ef-4a1a-9e23-cdc5ac53c6a9

Colleges and schools, 1st series, 1657-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3991d7b0-3e31-4856-89fe-291fecdf87ad

Colleges and schools, 2nd series, 1718-1820 index

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Identifier: aa7a007c-cf81-4bee-bd27-52e853ff626e

Colonial boundaries, 1st series, 1662-1827 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: cbfcf213-e763-4663-ba08-110fc2254f5e

Colonial boundaries, 2nd series, 1664-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: c118c5a7-663b-416a-81aa-a50d8bed7c89

Colonial wars, 1st series, 1675-1775 index

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Identifier: c562de2f-5a63-4ca0-a94e-ab8cf7a494ad

Colonial wars, 2nd series, 1689-1806 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 75270d6b-192b-470f-97b6-9123c7f7bbd0

Corporations, 1790-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0da402ca-72ee-4792-955b-477e0fe98a8f

Court papers, 1649-1709 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 30e77897-3f34-4bc6-9bff-dc0748a14041

Crimes and misdemeanors, 1st series, 1662-1789 index

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Identifier: 00bb084c-c8bb-4552-b8e5-5221f459b451

Crimes and misdemeanors, 2nd series, 1671-1820 index

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Identifier: 501e9fdb-860f-43f7-b51b-2c0aa4a897de

Ecclesiastical affairs, 1st series, 1658-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: dbbe3178-368e-4f36-a24b-47debcbd5612

Ecclesiastical affairs, 2nd series, 1666-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8893eeef-14bd-4dd1-84f4-a085d9a64661

Estates of deceased persons, 1640-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 59912fbe-754f-49fd-96df-8e47aa04ca41

Estates of incompetent persons, 1711-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 700abdad-5dad-477f-b314-e6e49e45be44

Estates of minors, 1715-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 081db71a-19d1-46a2-b247-21f05ecfcd53

Finance and currency, 1st series, 1677-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: b460f9ae-637c-4ae5-9c04-8f8932a9d5bb

Finance and currency, 2nd series, 1689-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1a759283-1de2-4fd0-8fac-a055876993b8

Finances, 1709-1752 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 15b86f86-1598-4c1c-8ea6-751986da2e14

Foreign correspondence, 1st series, 1661-1748 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 88cd9ecf-5fba-4047-9eb8-24e3a7ab7461

Foreign correspondence, 2nd series, 1666-1768 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2d564b0d-c24c-4ff8-b022-d220f64c7932

Indians, 1st series, 1647-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 572d0ee1-ca46-4bab-8c70-a04e95fafe57

Indians, 2nd series, 1666-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3ec6ae94-3220-471c-b81f-b0650105361e

Industry, 1st series, 1708-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 00aad221-e2b7-48d2-b392-ce783db171b2

Industry, 2nd series, 1747-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2de1ccac-b0c0-4edc-bc4e-cb165e86bd46

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