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REC/LOC/000. Classified Archives.

 Record Group Term
Identifier: REC/LOC/000
The Classified Archives contain many of the oldest and most heavily used records in the Archives. Researchers should check the Manuscripts and Archives card catalog in the History and Genealogy reading room. They include a wide variety of personal and family papers, business records, town records, church records, land records, vital records, organizational records, correspondence and diaries of soldiers in Connecticut wars, papers of prominent political figures, county records, and a small quantity of colony and state records. Collections include the William F. J. Boardman Papers, 1661-1835; Connecticut Land Company Records, 1795-1807; Records of the 1818 Constitutional Convention; Revolutionary War Orderly Books; Jonathan Trumbull Papers, 1631-1784; Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. Papers, 1763-1808; and the Robert C. Winthrop Collection, 1631-1716. The Classified Archives hold a large collection of original Connecticut church records, with a particular emphasis on Congregational church organizations in the towns. Significantly less coverage is provided for Baptist, Episcopalian, and other Connecticut Protestant denominations. The Library also has 135 volumes of indexes to Connecticut Congregational Church Records. They contain vital records and membership status information, materials abstracted from records of the first Congregational churches formed in most towns. Records arranged alphabetically by town make up the largest segment of materials. They include personal and family papers, deeds, diaries, local histories, benevolent society records, account books and ledgers, school society records, town records, vital records, proprietors’ records, land records, not to mention a large quantity of church and ecclesiastical society records.

Found in 525 Collections and/or Records:

500th Anniversary of Printing.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001919
Identifier: T001919-655.1 C76s
Dates: Other: 1940 - 1940


 Unprocessed Material — Accession 2016-035
Identifier: 2016-035-920.R59
Dates: Other: 1861 - 1861

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002447
Identifier: T002447-975.22 B21j
Dates: Other: 1852 - 1867

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001932
Identifier: T001932-920.C265
Dates: Other: 1784 - 1855

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL283866
Identifier: SL283866-974.62 Ea7872w
Dates: Other: 1864 - 1867

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL048641
Identifier: SL048641-974.62 fH25wa r
Dates: Other: 1834 - 1845

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL096263
Identifier: SL096263-974.62 fL71br
Dates: Other: 1788 - 1796

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL127964
Identifier: SL127964-974.62 M35st
Dates: Other: 1797 - 1799

Account book.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002072
Identifier: T002072-974.62 fW53st
Dates: Other: 1725 - 1784

Acts and Laws. Revision of 1821.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002104
Identifier: T002104-345.12 C76
Dates: Other: 1821 - 1821

Articles of Agreement.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL704115
Identifier: SL704115-973.23 fun3
Dates: Other: 1643 - 1643

Autograph Collection.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002083
Identifier: T002083-091.G793

Autograph Collection.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL098170
Identifier: SL098170-973.7 fP92a
Dates: Other: 1856 - 1919

Autograph letters and documents.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001901
Identifier: T001901-091.Au 82
Dates: Other: 1730 - 1812

Autograph letters and documents.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001903
Identifier: T001903-091.fP429
Dates: Other: 1665 - 1898

Bells on Independence Day.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001917
Identifier: T001917-394.26 F825s
Dates: Other: 1963 - 1968

Bill of Rights.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T001908
Identifier: T001908-342.731 fUn3


 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002110
Identifier: T002110-345.12
Dates: Other: 1784 - 1784

Case files.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL039065
Identifier: SL039065-970.3 fM72
Dates: Other: 1743 - 1743

Cession of Western Reserve.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002410
Identifier: T002410
Dates: Other: 1801 - 1801

Church records.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002451
Identifier: T002451-974.82 C1642m
Dates: Other: 1850 - 1871

Church records.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL209383
Identifier: SL209383-974.62 fEs75:C2c r
Dates: Other: 1785 - 1844

Church records.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL211632
Identifier: SL211632-974.62 fG851c
Dates: Other: 1785 - 1810

Civil War papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002193
Identifier: T002193-973.7-.74


 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002161
Identifier: T002161-920.P442d
Dates: Other: 1766 - 1859


 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002019
Identifier: T002019-974.62 H2572Kep
Dates: Other: 1872 - 1919


 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL128164
Identifier: SL128164-974.62 fSu2shm
Dates: Other: 1674 - 1916


 Unprocessed Material — Accession T002112
Identifier: T002112-355.1 Or22bro


 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL038946
Identifier: SL038946-973.3 fG96
Dates: Other: 1734 - 1782


 Unprocessed Material — Accession SL038945
Identifier: SL038945-973.26 fP31
Dates: Other: 1759 - 1800