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Department of Environmental Protection records

Identifier: RG079_001

Scope and Content

Included here are records from the Commissioner, 1957-2004; Staff Services, 1972-1985; Bureau of Administration, 1967-1981; Hearings, 1973-1984; Tri-State Regional Planning Administration, 1977-1978; Internal Affairs, 1973-1975; General Counsel, 1973-1974; Interagency files, 1973; Communications and Education, 1972-1998; Affirmative Action, 1977-1996; Human Resources, 1944-1974.


  • 1944-2004

Language of Materials

The records are in English.

Restrictions on Access

These records are stored at an off-site facility and therefore may not be available on a same-day basis.

See the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections policy.

Historical Note

In 1971, the General Assembly created the Department of Environmental Protection to address "the profound impact on the life-sustaining natural environment" by "the growing population and expanding economy of the state." The new department consolidated powers and duties of a number of small state boards and parts of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. These included the Park and Forest Commission, the Commission on Forests and Wild Life, the State Board of Fisheries and Game, the Water Resources Commission, the Boating Commission, the Shell-Fish Commission, Marine Resources Council, State Soil Conservation Advisory Committee, the State Board of Pesticide Control, the State Geological and Natural History Survey Commission and the Clean Air Commission.

Since its inception, the department has undergone numerous reorganizations as a result of evolving environmental issues and public policy mandating expansion of the agency's regulatory role. Restructuring the department to make it more "user-friendly" to business and to produce cost savings have also spurred reorganizations.

See also the Department of Environmental Protection Agency History.


203.25 cubic feet


Central Office includes: Commissioner; Staff Services; Bureau of Administration; Hearings; Tri-State Regional Planning Administration; Internal Affairs; General Counsel; Interagency files; Communications and Education; Affirmative Action; Human Resources.


Series numbers have been assigned within RG 079 in its entirety and therefore the series described here are not numbered consecutively.

Series 1. Commissioner, 1954-2004,

Daniel W. Lufkin, 1971-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Douglas M. Costle, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 13 cubic feet.

Joseph N. Gill, 1957-1979, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Stanley J. Pac, 1973-1987

Subject Files, 1977-1987, Accession: 1988-018, 44 cubic feet.

Subject Files, 1973-1980, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 23 cubic feet.

Subject Files, 1974-1981, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 8 cubic feet.

Subject Files, 1977-1980, Accession: 1988-030, 3 cubic feet.

Leslie A. Carothers, 1987-1990

Chronological Files, 1987-1990, Accession: 1993-139, 2 cubic feet.

Speeches, 1987-1990, Accession: 1994-010 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Timothy R. E. Keeney, 1991-1994

Subject Files, 1991-1995, Accession: 1996-009, 1 cubic foot.

Correspondence, 1991-1994, Accession: 1995-038, 3 cubic feet.

Speeches, 1992-1993, Accession: 1995-039, 1 cubic foot.

Speeches, 1991, Accession: 1994-010 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Sidney J. Holbrook, 1995-1997

Correspondence and Subject Files, Accession: 2001-040, 5 cubic feet.

Speeches, 1995-1997, Accession: 1998-036 (part).

Arthur J. Rocque, Jr., 1998-2004

Log letters, 1998-2001, Accession: 2003-033 (part), 4 cubic feet.

Correspondence and Organizational Evaluation, 1998-2000, Accession: 2005-009, 9 cubic feet.

Rita Bowlby, Assistant to the Commissioner, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 4 cubic feet.

Legislation Files, 1971-1991

Accession: 1993-140, 6 cubic feet.

Accession: 2003-033 (part), 10 cubic feet.

Miscellaneous Records, 1973-1997

Accession: 1999-026, 1989.

Accession: 1999-030, 1991-1994

Accession: 1999-035, 1973-1994

Accession: 1999-173, 1987-1997, .5 cubic feet.

Series 6. Staff Services, 1972-1985

Director George Russell, 1971-1985, Accession: 1988-022, 11 cubic feet.

Series 7. Bureau of Administration, 1967-1981

Assistant Commissioner Ralph Adkins Subject Files, 1967-1981, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 9 cubic feet.

Series 8. Hearings, 1973-1984, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 19 cubic feet.

Series 9. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, 1977-1978, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Series 10. Internal Affairs, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 4 cubic feet.

Series 12. Office of General Counsel, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Series 13. Interagency Files, 1973, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Series 19. Office of Communications and Education, 1972-1998

Director. Subject Files, 1972-1998, Accession: 1998-035, 3 cubic feet.

Director. Subject Files, 1992-1993, Accession: 1998-036 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Director. Sound recordings, 1972-1996, Accession: 1998-039, 0.75 cubic feet.

Deputy Press Secretary, 1991, Accession: 1998-036 (part)

Series 20. Office of Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action Advisory Council administrative files, 1977-1996, Accession: 2001-017, 1 cubic foot.

Series 21. Human Resources, 1944-1974, Accession: 2007-044, 12 cubic feet.

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RG 079:001, Department of Environmental Protection: Central Office
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