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Connecticut Peace Society records

Identifier: RG125

The Connecticut Peace Society appears to have been established in 1910, “to foster the spirit of amity and concord among the nations, and to create a public sentiment which will lead to the abandonment of war as a means of settling international disputes.”

Dates: 1910-1921

Connecticut Public Transportation Commission records

Identifier: RG089_031
Abstract The Connecticut Public Transportation Authority was created within the Department of Transportation (DOT) in 1975 to “advise and assist the commissioner in the performance of his functions and duties relating to the planning, development and maintenance of adequate rail and motor carrier facilities and service in the state.” The Authority was charged to “at least annually…hold public hearings in each of the urbanized areas of the state for the purpose of evaluating the adequacy of such rail...
Dates: 1980-2001

Connecticut River Bridge and Highway District records

Identifier: RG046

The General Assembly created the Commission in 1895 (Special Act 343) to be responsible for the construction of a new bridge over the Connecticut River to replace the wooden bridge that had burned in that year. The Commission maintained the bridge until the 1930s, when it turned its duties and title to the properties to the State and adjoining localities.

Dates: 1879-1949

Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission records

Identifier: RG183
Abstract The Connecticut River Flood Control Compact was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on June 6, 1953. The compact created the Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission for the purpose of promoting inter-state comity between and among the signatory states; assuring adequate storage capacity for impounding waters of the Connecticut River and its tributaries for the protection of life and property from floods; and providing a joint or common agency through which the...
Dates: 1927-2011, bulk 1953-2011; 1953-2011

Connecticut School for Boys records

Identifier: RG178_001
Abstract The State Reform School opened in 1854 in Meriden Connecticut. The name was changed in 1893 to the Connecticut School for Boys. In January of 1970 the school came under the administrative control of the Department of Children and Youth Services. In 1972 the school merged with Long Lane School, the state reform school for girls, after experiencing internal troubles with staff and student discipline. Economic costs to the state were also an issue. All boys staying at the school were...
Dates: 1855-1995

Connecticut Siting Council records

Identifier: RG041_003

The Connecticut Siting Council has jurisdiction over the siting of power facilities, transmission lines, hazardous waste facilities and various other forms of infrastructure including telecommunications sites.

Dates: 1973-1992

Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America records

Identifier: RG143
Abstract The Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America was established in 1893 “to create widespread interest in history, to inspire love of this Republic, to do justice and honor to heroic ancestors, and to commemorate the labors and achievements of the founders of our country.” Includes “Old Houses of Connecticut”, a series of studies conducted in the early 20th century on early Connecticut houses and other historically important buildings. ...
Dates: 1900-1942

Connecticut Stadium Committee records

Identifier: RG002_025_STA

Connecticut Stadium Committee legislation, resolutions, site plan, testimony, transcripts, and reports.

Dates: 1993-1994

Connecticut State Capitol Preservation and Restoration Commission records

Identifier: RG084

The Connecticut State Capitol Preservation and Restoration Commission was formed in March 1972 to arrange and obtain funding for a restoration of the State Capitol.

Dates: 1972-1973

Connecticut State Council of Defense records

Identifier: RG030

The Council of Defense coordinated war activities in Connecticut during World War I. Its various committees dealt with the various areas of concern, such as food supply, fuel conservation, transportation, military and naval affairs and publicity.

Dates: 1917-1919

Connecticut State Dental Association records

Identifier: RG140

The Connecticut State Dental Association is a statewide, professional membership organization representing Connecticut licensed dentists. It was established in 1864, and incorporated in 1876.

Dates: 1864-1965

Connecticut State Government, Institutions and Parks collection

Identifier: PG200

Interior and exterior views of the Capitol Building, state health care and correctional institutions, state emblems, government buildings, state parks, Governor’s Foot and Horse Guards. circa 350 photographs. Click here to see the scanned paper finding aid and container list (pdf).

Dates: 1878 - 1973

Connecticut State Police records

Identifier: RG161_001

The Connecticut State Police (CSP) was founded in 1903 and is a division of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety which is responsible for traffic regulation and law enforcement across the state of Connecticut.

Dates: 1919-2006

Connecticut State Teachers Association records

Identifier: RG144
Abstract The Connecticut State Teachers Association was chartered in Meriden on April 7, 1816. The purpose of the Association was, “the mutual improvement of its members, and the elevation of the character of our schools.” The records include minutes of meetings, records of the Board of Directors, financial records, programs, correspondence, and related papers. Also included are records of the Fairfield County Teachers Association, 1877-1934. ...
Dates: 1846-1934

Connecticut State Teachers' League records

Identifier: RG145
Abstract The Connecticut State Teachers’ League was founded in 1903 to promote higher professional standards and training. Its membership was limited to women. The records consist of minutes of meetings, constitution, financial records, meeting announcements, and correspondence. Click here to see the...
Dates: 1903-1920

Connecticut Tax Study Commission records

Identifier: RG087

This nine-member Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1965 to study the property tax laws with respect to personal property of businesses.

Dates: 1966-1967

Connecticut Teachers' Annuity Guild records

Identifier: RG147

The Connecticut Teachers’ Annuity Guild was formed in 1896 from various smaller regional teacher organizations around the state. The records consist of minutes of meetings and financial records. Click here to see the scanned paper finding aid and container list (pdf).

Dates: 1896-1927

Connecticut Tercentenary Celebration collection

Identifier: PG360

Views of information bureaus and exhibits in towns throughout the state during the summer of 1935. 95 photographs. Click here to see the scanned paper finding aid and container list (pdf).

Dates: 1935

Connecticut Tercentenary Pamphlet collection

Identifier: RG166_004

Connecticut tercentenary celebrations by the various towns of the state. Includes programs, bulletins, and exhibit catalogs and other ephemera.

Dates: 1934-1935

Connecticut Transportation Authority records

Identifier: RG089_024

The Connecticut Transportation Authority was established in 1963, per P.A. 639. In 1969 it merged into the new Department of Transportation, per P.A. 768, sec. 9, and was incorporated into the Bureau of Rail and Motor Carrier Services.

Dates: 1956-1973

Connecticut Unemployment Commission records

Identifier: RG031

The Commission worked with other state and federal agencies to investigate and mitigate the effects of the existing serious unemployment and to encourage employers to gather statistics and information with a view to finding a solution to the problem.

Dates: 1931-1933

Connecticut Valley Hospital records

Identifier: RG021_001

Connecticut Valley Hospital opened in 1867 as the General Hospital for Insane of the State of Connecticut and continues to operate. It accepted patients from Fairfield Hills Hospital and Norwich State Hospitals upon the closures of those facilities in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Includes records from superintendents, trustees, fiscal, personnel, patients, medical staff and School of Nursing.

Dates: 1866-1991

Connecticut Valley Kindergarten Association

Identifier: RG146
Abstract The Connecticut Valley Kindergarten Association was organized in 1882. The object of the organization was, “to promote sympathy and helpfulness among its members and to stimulate interest in all branches of kindergarten work.” The collection includes meeting minutes, lists of members, and records from the treasurer. ...
Dates: 1895-1920

Connecticut vs. Massachusetts records

Identifier: RG009_004
Abstract The records consist of transcripts of testimony with indexes, exhibits, reports, engineering studies, War Department materials, correspondence, subject files, legislative files, press files, printed documents, invoices, and maps. The state of Connecticut on December 22, 1927 requested an injunction fromm the United States Supreme Court to prohibit the diversion of water from the tributaries of the Connecticut River by Massachusetts. The case was heard by a special master appointed by the...
Dates: 1890-1932; Majority of material found within 1928-1932

Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association records

Identifier: RG101
Abstract The Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association was organized at a meeting in Roberts’ Opera House, Hartford, October 28-29, 1869. The Association carried on a spirited and energetic campaign to obtain the vote for women, first in school and local elections and then on a state and national level, working in collaboration with many other equal rights, equal franchise, and constitutional union groups. Its primary aim having been achieved with the ratification by Connecticut of the 19th Amendment on...
Dates: 1869-1921

Contributions to Wheeler genealogy; John Wheeler, an early resident of Salisbury and Newbury, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants

Identifier: RG074_062

John Wheeler, an early resident of Salisbury and Newbury, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants.

Dates: 1904

Cornwall Probate Court records

Identifier: RG004_031

Record books, 1847-1972; Wills, 1845-2007; Probate files, none.

Dates: 1845-2007

Council on Human Services records

Identifier: RG095
Abstract In 1973, the General Assembly created the Council on Human Services to coordinate planning and carrying out programs involving two or more agencies, to plan for increased private sector participation, and to provide direction to and coordination with federally funded programs. The Council took over administrative responsibility for some existing programs and developed some new ones including Project Triage (home-care for the elderly), the Wilderness School, the Parent Child Resource System,...
Dates: 1973-1977

County government records

 Record Group
Identifier: RG061

Commissioner, Jail, Termporary Home, and Treasurer records from the eight Connecticut counties.

Dates: 1792-1961

Coventry Probate Court records

Identifier: RG004_032

Record books, none; Probate files, 1849-1932.

Dates: 1849-1932