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Financial records

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 34 Collections and/or Records:

Aaron Gaylord papers

Identifier: RG069_046

Aaron Gaylord of Hartford, Conn. was a merchant and ship owner. The papers consist of correspondence, accounts and miscellaneous business papers relating to his local accounts and shipments on various vessels.

Dates: 1792-1819

Army and Navy Club records

Identifier: RG119

The club was formed on November 27, 1879, composed of any soldier or sailor honorably discharged and sponsored by a member, and seems to have limited itself to Civil War veterans. Annual dinner meetings were held, usually in Hartford. It disbanded in 1936.

Dates: 1892-1936

Civil War Centennial Commission records

Identifier: RG052

In 1959, the General Assembly created the Civil War Centennial Commission to promote and publicize the history of Connecticut’s participation in the Civil War. The Commission consisted of twenty-five appointed members and had an office in the State Library.

Dates: 1959-1965

College Club of Hartford records

Identifier: RG131

The club was organized at a “mass meeting and rally of college women,” in Hartford on February 11, 1905, with its object “mainly social, philanthropic, or literary.” Among its activities, the Club took a leading role in the establishment of the Spruce Street Settlement, later known as Mitchell House.

Dates: 1905-1944, 1993-2006

Commission to Investigate & Report on a Civil Administration Code records

Identifier: RG053

The Commission was created in 1919 "to investigate and report on a civil administration code." It collected data on state government organization and expenditures, took testimony from government officials and others, held public hearings between April and May 1920, and drafted its final report.

Dates: 1915-1921

Commission to Make Repairs to Capitol and to Procure Site for New Building for State Officials records

Identifier: RG060

The Commission was established by the General Assembly in 1903 to make repairs to the State Capitol and to “investigate and ascertain the necessity of erecting an additional building.”

Dates: 1904-1914

Connecticut Council of Churches and Religious Education records

Identifier: RG134
Abstract The Connecticut Council of Churches and Religious Education was formed "to promote and extend the Christian religion in Connecticut by furnishing an interdenominational agency for cooperation in Christian education, comity, and social relations". Contains minutes, treasurer's records, convention records, printed materials, reports and statistics of the Connecticut Federation of Churches, Connecticut Sunday School Union, Connecticut Sunday School Teachers Association, Connecticut Sunday...
Dates: 1832-1997

Connecticut Forest and Park Association records

Identifier: RG169_007
Abstract The Connecticut Forest and Park Association (CFPA) was founded on December 30, 1895, in Weatogue, Connecticut, at the home of Reverend Horace Winslow, as the Connecticut Forestry Association. In 1928, the Connecticut Forestry Association changed its name to the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. The name change reflected the association’s interest in recreation and leisure. Records include administrative files, minutes, correspondence, financial records, subject files, committee files,...
Dates: 1850-2019

Connecticut Library Association records

Identifier: RG127

The Connecticut Library Association (CLA) was organized in 1891 in New Haven to promote library interests by discussion and interchange of ideas and methods, and not to “trench upon the province of the American Library Association.” The original aims of the CLA have grown to include standards for librarianship, advancing types of library services, and providing opportunities for action upon mutual problems by trustees, librarians, and others interested in library affairs.

Dates: 1891-1995

Connecticut Peace Society records

Identifier: RG125

The Connecticut Peace Society appears to have been established in 1910, “to foster the spirit of amity and concord among the nations, and to create a public sentiment which will lead to the abandonment of war as a means of settling international disputes.”

Dates: 1910-1921

Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission records

Identifier: RG183
Abstract The Connecticut River Flood Control Compact was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on June 6, 1953. The compact created the Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission for the purpose of promoting inter-state comity between and among the signatory states; assuring adequate storage capacity for impounding waters of the Connecticut River and its tributaries for the protection of life and property from floods; and providing a joint or common agency through which the...
Dates: 1927-2011, bulk 1953-2011; 1953-2011

County government records

 Record Group
Identifier: RG061

Commissioner, Jail, Termporary Home, and Treasurer records from the eight Connecticut counties.

Dates: 1792-1961

Daughters of the American Revolution, Ruth Wyllys Chapter records

Identifier: RG123_001

The Ruth Wyllys Chapter of Hartford, Connecticut, was organized November 18, 1892, and chartered January 6, 1893. Its members named it for Ruth Wyllys representing George, Samuel, Hezekiah and John Palsgrave Wyllys, statesmen and Revolutionary War officers.

Dates: 1778-1989; Majority of material found within 1892-1989; 1892-1989

Department of Banking records

Identifier: RG014

After a number of Connecticut banks failed during the depression of 1929, in 1935 the General Assembly assigned to the Banking Commissioner the responsibility for liquidating their affairs. These are mainly records from the Liquidation Division. Also included are press releases and Commissioners files.

Dates: 1865-2011; Majority of material found within 1918-1963

Department of Connecticut United Spanish War Veterans records

Identifier: RG081

The United Spanish War Veterans was organized in 1904 by the amalgamation of a number of veterans organizations, including the National Army and Navy Spanish War Veterans, the National Association Spanish-American War Veterans, the Service Men of the Spanish War.

Dates: 1898-1973

Ex Libris Club records

Identifier: RG128_001

Formed in 1912, the Ex Libris Club was a social organization of employees of the State Library and the Supreme Court. The Club held parties and picnics, sent cards and flowers, attended weddings and christenings, published an internal newsletter entitled the State Library Echo, and kept scrapbooks of members and activities. In 1951 employees disbanded the club and formed the State Library and Supreme Court Club, 1951-1986.

Dates: 1912-1951

Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Connecticut records

Identifier: RG113

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was established in 1866 by a former Army surgeon and held its first national meeting that same year. Its membership consisted of Union veterans of the Civil War. The GAR was concerned with veteran benefits and was actively involved in establishing soldiers’ homes, making provisions for soldiers’ graves, and lobbying for pension benefits. It proved to be an effective pressure group and exerted significant influence in the political arena.

Dates: 1862-1938

Hartford City Guard records

Identifier: RG124
Abstract The Hartford City Guard was an Independent Company from January 8 to September 11, 1861. It then became Artillery Company A, 1st Regiment, Connecticut Militia, organizing under the captaincy of Charles H. Prentice. In 1863 it became an infantry company. Some Hartford City Guard officers joined the volunteer forces in the Civil War. The company was designated Company A, 4th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers on May 16, 1861. Afterwards, it changed to First Connecticut Heavy Artillery, which was...
Dates: 1861-1917

Hartford Dental Society records

Identifier: RG141

Established in 1897, the Hartford Dental Society (HDS) is a professional association whose members are dentists in the Greater Hartford area.

Dates: 1897-1968

Hartford Woman's Club (Hartford, Conn.) records

Identifier: RG107

The Motherhood Club of Hartford was organized in 1896 by a group of young mothers “so burdened with the responsibilities of their lot that they chose to give their Club life to child problems rather than literary or social pleasures.”

Dates: 1896-1923

International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, Connecticut Branch records

Identifier: RG111

The International Order of the King's Daughters and Sons was an “international, interdenominational, inter-racial [sic] organization for development of spiritual life and stimulation of Christian activities,” the Connecticut Branch is composed of a number of local “circles” which met periodically.

Dates: 1892-1968

John J. McMahon papers

Identifier: RG069_148
Abstract John J. McMahon was born in Hartford on April 22, 1875. He served as a volunteer in the First Regiment Infantry Connecticut National Guard, the Spanish-American War, and retired as a Colonel from the Connecticut National Guard on November 23, 1931. He was an officer and member in the First Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Veteran Association, Spanish-American War - 1898 and the Department of Connecticut United Spanish War Veterans. McMahon was elected to the Hartford Board of Education from...
Dates: 1901-1954; Majority of material found within 1925-1926

League of Women Voters of Connecticut records

Identifier: RG106
Abstract The Connecticut League of Women Voters (CLWV) was founded at New Haven, Connecticut on January 18, 1921. The league was formed as the initiative of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association (CWSA) came to an end with ratification of the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution giving women the right to vote. The non-partisan league was organized to educate newly enfranchised women voters and in turn use the voting power of members to press for legislative reforms. The league spent...
Dates: 1918-1957

Major Edward V. Preston papers

Identifier: RG069_064

The collection contains documents kept by Major Edward V. Preston, who was a quartermaster and then a paymaster in the United States Army during the Civil War. Included in the papers are muster rolls, officer pay vouchers, discharge papers, hospital notices, returns, receipts, requisitions, books, and personal papers.

Dates: 1855-1877; Majority of material found within 1861-1865

Northwest Child Welfare Club records

Identifier: RG115

Originally organized as the Mothers Neighborhood Circle, it became the Northwest Child Welfare Club in 1936. The Club attempted to “promote child welfare in home, school, church and community . . . raise standards of home life. . . secure adequate laws for the care and protection of women and children.”

Dates: 1914-1959

Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, Connecticut Society records

Identifier: RG130

The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America was incorporated in New York on March 18, 1896. The terms of eligibility require that every member must be descended in the male line of father or mother, from an ancestor who settled in one of the original thirteen colonies within fifty years from the settlement of Jamestown, VA, May 13, 1607.

Dates: 1896-1914

Plainfield Historical Society records

Identifier: RG112

The Plainfield Historical Society was established in a meeting held January 8, 1916 in the Town Clerk’s Office, Central Village. Judge John E. Prior was chosen chairman. The date of its last meeting was November 10, 1917.

Dates: 1820-1932

Research Commission records

Identifier: RG058

The Research Commission supported and encouraged research and related activities "relevant to the interests and welfare or the economic betterment of the citizens of Connecticut."

Dates: 1964-1971

Second Church of Christ, Scientist records

Identifier: RG070_081

The Second Church of Christ Scientist Hartford, was organized in 1907 by 11 members of The Mother Church. The first service was held on an upper floor at 64 Pearl Street, and as the congregation grew, services were moved twice to other sites. The church building at the corner of Lafayette and Russ Streets held its first service January 4, 1925. A diminished membership prompted the congregation to sell the church building to the State of Connecticut in 2008.

Dates: 1912-2002

State Library and Supreme Court Club records

Identifier: RG128_002

The State Library and Supreme Court Club formed in 1951 as a successor to the Ex Libris Club. It disbanded in 1986.

Dates: 1971-1987