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Connecticut. General Assembly -- Archives

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Civil officers, 1st series, 1669-1756 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0d06f86f-89e0-4478-9dad-96128afea5bf

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 1, 1669-1724

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Identifier: DGS 9066360
Dates: 1669-1724

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 2, 1725-1742

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Identifier: DGS 9066361
Dates: 1725-1742

Civil Officers, 1st series, volume 3, 1742-1756

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Identifier: DGS9066361
Dates: 1742-1756

Civil officers, 2nd series, 1673-1820 index

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Identifier: cbab2216-a5ef-4a1a-9e23-cdc5ac53c6a9

Colleges and schools, 1st series, 1657-1789 index

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Identifier: 3991d7b0-3e31-4856-89fe-291fecdf87ad

Colleges and schools, 2nd series, 1718-1820 index

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Identifier: aa7a007c-cf81-4bee-bd27-52e853ff626e

Colonial boundaries, 1st series, 1662-1827 index

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Identifier: cbfcf213-e763-4663-ba08-110fc2254f5e

Colonial boundaries, 2nd series, 1664-1820 index

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Identifier: c118c5a7-663b-416a-81aa-a50d8bed7c89

Colonial wars, 1st series, 1675-1775 index

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Identifier: c562de2f-5a63-4ca0-a94e-ab8cf7a494ad

Colonial wars, 2nd series, 1689-1806 index

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Identifier: 75270d6b-192b-470f-97b6-9123c7f7bbd0

Connecticut Archives

Identifier: RG001_010

Papers and correspondence of the General Assembly, the Governor and Council, and other colony or state officials.

Dates: 1629-1856, bulk 1629-1820

Corporations, 1790-1820 index

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Identifier: 0da402ca-72ee-4792-955b-477e0fe98a8f

Court papers, 1649-1709 index

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Identifier: 30e77897-3f34-4bc6-9bff-dc0748a14041

Crimes and misdemeanors, 1st series, 1662-1789 index

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Identifier: 00bb084c-c8bb-4552-b8e5-5221f459b451

Crimes and misdemeanors, 2nd series, 1671-1820 index

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Identifier: 501e9fdb-860f-43f7-b51b-2c0aa4a897de

Ecclesiastical affairs, 1st series, 1658-1789 index

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Identifier: dbbe3178-368e-4f36-a24b-47debcbd5612

Ecclesiastical affairs, 2nd series, 1666-1820 index

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Identifier: 8893eeef-14bd-4dd1-84f4-a085d9a64661

Estates of deceased persons, 1640-1820 index

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Identifier: 59912fbe-754f-49fd-96df-8e47aa04ca41

Estates of incompetent persons, 1711-1820 index

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Identifier: 700abdad-5dad-477f-b314-e6e49e45be44

Estates of minors, 1715-1820 index

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Identifier: 081db71a-19d1-46a2-b247-21f05ecfcd53

Finance and currency, 1st series, 1677-1789 index

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Identifier: b460f9ae-637c-4ae5-9c04-8f8932a9d5bb

Finance and currency, 2nd series, 1689-1820 index

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Identifier: 1a759283-1de2-4fd0-8fac-a055876993b8

Finances, 1709-1752 index

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Identifier: 15b86f86-1598-4c1c-8ea6-751986da2e14

Foreign correspondence, 1st series, 1661-1748 index

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Identifier: 88cd9ecf-5fba-4047-9eb8-24e3a7ab7461

Foreign correspondence, 2nd series, 1666-1768 index

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Identifier: 2d564b0d-c24c-4ff8-b022-d220f64c7932


Scope and Content From the Collection: Papers and correspondence of the General Assembly, the Governor and Council, and other colony or state officials. The following series descriptions are taken from Sylvie J. Turner, "The Connecticut Archives," Bulletin of the Connecticut Historical Society 33:3 (July 1968), pp. 81-89. Civil Officers, 1st series, 1669-1756, 3 volumes and 1 index volume. Documents relating to election,...
Dates: 1649-1820

Indians, 1st series, 1647-1789 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 572d0ee1-ca46-4bab-8c70-a04e95fafe57

Indians, 2nd series, 1666-1820 index

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3ec6ae94-3220-471c-b81f-b0650105361e